The Making of Pawfect Suds™ Soap Mold

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Have you ever had a dream of inventing a one of a kind product? Did you have an idea that you just knew would be wonderful and unique?

I did! I wanted to create a dog soap that was not only a step away from the rest, but to be one of a kind, my own design, and barked my unique style! After months of researching the very best ingredients for dog’s skin and coat…Pawfect Suds™ recipes were finalized!

I first began using a very typical standard soap mold. With the paw print. These work just as well as any other mold. There was just originality that lacked. I felt that our soaps were unique enough to deserve their very own mold. Dreams do come true!

Thanks to Fredrik Perman & The Product Farm, Pawfect Suds™  now has a completely ONE OF A KIND mold on it’s way to our soaping lab!
With this new design, we are prepared to fully launch production of our suds! Read here the exciting story about how my dream of a unique soap and soap mold came to life!

To learn more about how you yourself can make a dream a reality…contact the folks at  The Product Farm!

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

Henry David Thoreau



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